Race your friends to complete your set of monorail routes in this stylized tile placement game. The simplicity of the base game is easy to teach to young children but challenging enough to engage adults. Advanced game components are included: Construction Cards that change the shape of the board in your favor.

A grid of tiles are placed face-down with four stations in the corners. Players in turn take a face-down tile into their hand and choose to play it or a reserve track tile face-up in the position just vacated. The tile can be rotated in any direction they choose. Each player holds a secret hand of routes from station to station. When their routes have been completed, they are the winner.

A light tile placement game for fans of Ticket to Ride and Tsuro. Simple enough for two or three children 5 and up. The "tiles" are printed on cardstock, making this game inexpensive and easily portable.

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