I'm sure that someone has already invented this game, because it seems so obvious in retrospect. But anyway, my son Bryan and I might have invented the best game today. Definitely the best that I'll ever design.

It is Soccer Golf.

1 soccer ball
5 cones
1 playground, park, or field

For any number of players.

Set Up:
- Have someone prepare a score sheet. TIP: Put the rounds in the rows and players in the columns. This will make it easier when you're tallying up the final scores.
- Set up 2 cones as the tee-off
- Set up 3 cones as the goal/hole. NOTE: The goal can be placed anywhere within three big kicks in the agreed-upon play area.
- Place the soccer ball anywhere on a line between the 2 tee-off cones

Each Round:
- The first player kicks the ball off of the tee.
- They then can take up to 2 more kicks before failing the hole and taking 4 points. NOTE: The player must allow the ball to come to a complete stop before kicking it.
- They score 1 point per kick required to make it to the hole or 4 points if they failed the hole.
- The next player resets the ball back on the tee and plays a round until everyone has played a round on the hole.

Next Round:
- First player rotates to the next player. The player who went first last round now goes last.
- The first player picks up the tee-off cones.
- The first player picks up 1 of the hole/goal cones. NOTE: The remaining 2 cones are the new tee-off.
- The first player deposits the three cones in a triangle anywhere in the play area.
- Play continues as above in "Each Round".

Finishing the Game:
- After everyone has played 18 rounds (or any other number of rounds depending on your time available and interest), tally up the scores. Whoever has the lowest score is the winner!

Advanced Rules:
- The player setting up the goal can declare that you can drop-kick the ball during that round.
- If you get the ball in the goal in 1 or 2 kicks, then you get a bonus kick from the tee-off. If you get the ball in the goal with your bonus kick, you earn a -1 point bonus.
- On the 17th hole, the lowest scoring player can set up any tee-off and goal they want.
- The 18th hole is alternating kicks to see who's first to drive the ball from the 17th hole back to the car to go home.